Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A big hello to all the Adult Educators and the community of the Wakatipu!

Judy Williamson (lots of you might know from the Wakatipu Night School) and myself Gitti Tapper from Southern Reap Rural Education have set up an Adult Community and Education Network for the area.

We have established a need for all you Adult Education Providers to be able to network together, but also the need in the Wakatipu community to find out about Adult Education Courses, Seminars, ... in any area of life.

This blog here should be used as a connection point for you the providers and the Wakatipu learners!

To the right you find a google calendar, which gets regularly updated with all the courses and seminars that are running in the area.

I hope this is useful and wish you all happy studying!

Judy Williamson and Gitti Tapper

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