Monday, May 16, 2011

Speed learning continues

Hi everyone!
It has been another fun, informative, educational session, our second speed learning session of the year on Friday, May 13th 2011 with about a dozen of volunteers from the Citizen Advice Bureau here in Queenstown. We held the session at the Meeting Room here at the Disability Resource Centre, right next door to my office.
Nicola MacAllan, Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau Training Coordinator, invited us, the ACE Wakatipu Network, to run a speed learning session for their monthly volunteers training. We had Peter Waaka from School of Thought, Emma Hargreaves, teaching the Alexander Technique, Nannette Benington from the Buddy Programme, Alesha Kereru from Nga Kete Charitable Trust, Danielle Argent from Holistic Health, Amy Aldridge-Baker from the Disability Resource Centre, myself, Gitti Tapper representing Southern Reap and Brian Sproull from Southern First Aid. Judy Williamson, who has been a fantastic support and volunteer for our ACE Wakatipu network, came along with the gong and was moderating through the session.
After a short introduction of our ACE Wakatipu Network through myself the speed learning began. As you can see from the list above, with such a variety of tutors from different areas we all could expect a range of different topics, teaching and presenting. Every tutor had 5 minutes to introduce himself/herself and teach/present one specific thing from his/her area of expertese or make the audience aware of a course that was currently running. Judy’s gong after 5 Minutes finished each session.  Even some cooperation was happening with Peter Waaka presenting his School of Thought and straight after that he offered himself as a model for Danielle Argent, practising the Bowen Technique on him, as Peter was suffering from a soar shoulder.
Jon Bicheno, the chairman of the Citizen Advice Bureau in Queenstown, also did a 5 minutes session on the Citizen Advise Bureau. It was a great way for all the tutors to learn more about this great community outfit.
To sum it up, all in all it was a fun and informative session, ideal for any type of learner from the visual to the audio to the tactile learner, there was something there for everyone.
I want to thank the Citizen Advice Bureau for having us, their volunteers who came along and also a big thank you to the tutors who showed up and taught us something new.

Also I would love to share this email from Nicola MacAllan with you:
Hi Gitti,
I just wanted to pass on hugest thanks for organising such an informative and varied 'speed learning' session for Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau last Friday. I thought the speed learning concept was perfect for the CAB monthly training/information session, and hope to take advantage to another one in the future!
Cheerio, Nic
Nicola MacAllan
Queenstown Citizens Advice Bureau
Training Coordinator
That’s it from me for now. I am heading off to lovely warm Rarotonga for a wee family holiday, just to shorten the time waiting for the beautiful white stuff to arrive and I can get my skis out.
Gitti Tapper
Coordinator ACE Wakatipu

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