Sunday, September 4, 2011

Celebrate International Literacy Day in Queenstown, Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fourty four years ago, the United Nations declared September 8th to be International Literacy Day and while there have been substantial improvements since then, we still have a lot of work to do. 
Basic literacy is vital to an individual's ability to thrive in the modern world.  We know that improved literacy leads to greater economic productivity and healthier families. 
International Literacy Day is to raise people's awareness of and concern for literacy issues in the world.  

What do people do?
 In countries all over the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, the day raises people's awareness of and concern for literacy problems within their own communities. Activities include literacy day projects, particularly with regard to technology and literature, which are promoted by various organizations including reading associations.

The Wakatipu Adult and Community Education Network is working in conjunction with Whitcoulls in Queenstown and Southern REAP to raise awareness and have people support the All Blacks.  There will be a two (2) hour lunch time display outside Whitcoulls Queenstown shop on:

Thursday, September 8 from 12 noon to 2 pm.

People are encouraged to:

      Come and leave a note for the All Blacks - on the Richie McCaw mascot (a photo opportunity).  We will send them on to encourage our team.
      Come and see what available opportunities there are for Adults to learn (it is never too late) - about literacy and other topics
      Come and buy a book
      Come and enter Free draws for books, etc.

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