Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Next network meeting

On February 27 we had a very successful community/student focus group and I would like to give you feedback from that evening.
Therefore I am now looking at Friday the 22/3/13 at 12 noon to 1:30 for the next ACE Wakatipu Network meeting for and update and further training (as requested at our last tutor focus group.)

I hope you will be able to come. It will also be held at the Council Chambers Board room and a light lunch/refreshments will be available. (no charge to you - there is such a thing as a free lunch). You do not have to stay for all but try to come and network as to succeed we need support from tutors.

At this meeting we will have the following:
- Update on results of Community focus group
- Update on incorporating as a non-profit (to be able to get further funds)
- Update on Rebranding of the ACE Network
- Speed Learning demo and training.

Please pass this on to others that you may find that will have an interest in being part of the network. RSVP by 21/3/13 via email whsnightschool@hotmail.com or text or phone 0211064503.

Kind regards,
Judy Williamson,
Project Leader ACE Wakatipu PD Grant

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