Thursday, April 4, 2013

Latest developments in the ACE Wakatipu Network

At last Adult Community Education Network meeting on 27th of March we had 10 tutors representing their organisations present.

Judy Williamson gave an update on the two Focus groups that were recently held - one with Wakatipu tutors and the other one with representatives from the community. Some very interesting facts on what the community is interested in learning as well as on what tutors would see beneficial re Adult Education in the area. 

The group then discussed the Rebranding which will be addressed at the next meeting.  Judy explained that the community focus group members felt very strongly about it and were willing to help with evaluating new ideas and were available to consult.  There was a need for flyers and bookmarks that were clearer as to what ACE network stood for and what the blogspot offered. One of the participants felt that the wording on the bookmark did not reflect what was on offer, it was too academic and we need to come up with a name that reflects self-improvement for everyone.

Further improvements to the blogspot, with the possibility of an easier email address/url that goes to or links with the blogspot, readability of the website as well as search capability need to take place.  

Judy explained that the group will be filing the papers to become a non-profit so that it can get grants for rebranding and to keep the network running.  

Judy also advised the group that she had secured a Speed Learning session with Rotary for Tuesday, April 30th at 7 pm.  She invited members to let her know, if they were available and the list will be finalized at the next meeting.   
We need 3-4 more presenters so contact Judy if you are interested. Our target is mostly older males in the community (some females).

The next meeting of the ACE Network will be on Wednesday, 24/4/13 at 11 am at Queenstown Council Chambers on Gorge Road.  It will be followed by a light lunch and networking at 12 noon. We are trialing an new time to see if more can attend. Please RSVP with Judy for this event as well.
Kind regards,
Judy Williamson
Project Leader ACE Wakatipu PD Grant
021 106 4503

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